Bruce M Sabin
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My Graduate Coursework
by functional skills areas


EDA 6540 Organization and Administration of Higher Education
EDH 6505 Finance of Higher Education
EDA 7101 Organizational Theory in Education
EDA 7225 Educational Personnel, Contracts and Negotiations
EDA 7205 Planning, Research and Evaluation Systems in Education
EDA 7236 Legal Issues in Higher Education
EDA 7195 Politics, Governance and Financing of Educational Organizations
EDA 7192 Educational Leadership


EDH 6215 Community College Curriculum
EDG 6223 Curriculum Theory
EDG 7221 Advanced Curriculum Theory


EDF 6432 Measurement and Evaluation in Education
EDH 6305 Teaching and Learning in the Community College
EDF 7232 Analysis of Learning Theories in Instruction


EDF 6481 Fundamentals of Graduate Research in Education
EDF 6401 Statistics for Educational Data
EDF 7403 Quantitative Foundations of Educational Research
EDF 7463 Analysis of Survey, Record and Other Qualitative Data

Student Services

SDS 6624 The College Community and the Student
EDH 6407 Ethical and Legal Issues in Student Personnel
MHS 6800 Counseling Practicum
SDS 6330 Career Development
EDH 6065 History and Philosophy of Higher Education
MHS 5005 Introduction to the Counseling Profession
SDS 6040 Student Personnel Services
EDA 6946 Internship

Teaching Areas

INR 6039 International Political Economy
POS 6207 Political Behavior
POT 6007 Seminar in Political Theory
CPO 6091 Seminar in Comparative Politics
POS 6639 Public Law and Judicial Politics
POS 6938 ST: Southern Politics
BBBW 5300 Encountering the Biblical World

Agape, Sophia, Servitutis: de Deo, cum Deo, pro Deo